Culligan offers a range of water solutions for your home.
From water softeners, water cooler dispensers, filtered chilled and boiling water taps and our home water delivery service. Trust Culligan to provide better water for you and your family.


Culligan mains-fed water cooler, sleek black design with light up buttons on the top

Water Cooler Dispensers

At Culligan, we deliver a wide range of water cooler dispensers for homes across the UK. Choose from our selection of bottled water coolers or mains-fed dispensers. We offer floor-standing and countertop units depending on what suits your requirements.

Speak to us about our home water coolers available to buy or rent or visit
our Hydrate Direct online store.


What water cooler do I choose?

Bottle-fed or plumbed-in, floor-standing or countertop; which water cooler dispenser is best for you?

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Bottled Water Coolers

  • CulliganUK-WaterCooler-Icon-BottledEasy to use and maintain
  • CulliganUK-WaterCooler-Icon-BottledHigh-quality English water delivered in returnable bottles
  • CulliganUK-WaterCooler-Icon-BottledCan be set up immediately – bottled water coolers only require a power supply
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Mains-fed Water Coolers

  • CulliganUK-WaterCooler-Icon-BottledConstant supply of filtered water
  • CulliganUK-WaterCooler-Icon-BottledPlumbed directly into the main water supply
  • CulliganUK-WaterCooler-Icon-BottledInstallation and maintenance available

Culligan Water bottle

Home Bottled Water Delivery Service

Refresh your home with pure English water, delivered free to your door as part of our home water delivery service.

We offer water cooler rental packages for scheduled bottled water deliveries; offering hassle-free hydration at great value.

The whole family will enjoy using a water dispenser; benefiting not only from better drinking water, but also helping to ensure less plastic waste by using our returnable bottles.

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The importance of good quality drinking water for your family

The good news is that the UK’s water supply is among the cleanest and safest in the world. However, whilst many people in Britain use tap water for their drinking water, there is almost certainly going to be chlorine and dissolved minerals present in tap water, varying by region.

This can affect the smell and taste of the water we get from our taps, and many homes are choosing alternative sources that provide pure drinking water.


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Instant Boiling Filtered Water Taps

Enjoy convenience and better-quality water with an instant filtered boiling water tap.

  • An instant boiling water tap is guaranteed to save you time, energy, and money.
  • As well as looking stylish and helping to reduce clutter on your worktops, a filtered tap is a sustainable option for providing filtered water for your home.
  • Culligan filtered boiling taps include a super-efficient boiling water system that fits under your counter. This ensures you only heat the water you need, which saves energy and is better for the environment.

Contact us today for more information on our instant filtered boiling water taps.


Water Softeners​

Softened water provides many benefits to your household. From a shinier home, to being kinder and softer on skin and hair. Softened water is more efficient, which means you use less soap, detergents, and energy. Using a water softener can prevent the damaging effect of hard water on pipes and appliances, which means you can save money too.

Harvey Water Softeners are the No.1 brand for water softeners in the UK. If you want to feel the benefits of having softer water in your home, please visit the Harvey website.​


Lady happily bathing in a softened water bubble bath