Bottled Water Deliveries for Water Coolers

Never worry about your bottled water cooler running out of water again with our dependable and flexible water delivery service.

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Why choose Culligan for your bottled water delivery?

Experience an efficient and sustainable bottled water delivery service that ensures your cooler always
remains available to provide fresh water to staff.

Reliable service

Our bottled water delivery service ensures a consistently reliable supply for your water coolers. With a fleet of dedicated drivers and meticulous route planning, we provide punctual deliveries that meet your hydration needs.

Whether it’s a substantial bulk order or a quick refill, our dependable service ensures your workplace remains stocked with water.

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Single-use plastic bottled water is not only inconvenient to transport and store, but it can also prove to be costly. Opting for a bottled water cooler offers a practical solution by providing access to a regular water delivery service.

This service not only helps you save money but also offers an environmentally conscious alternative to single-use bottles.

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Having a bottled water cooler at your business makes it easy for everyone—staff, customers, and teams—to enjoy fresh and healthy drinking water hassle-free.

What’s more, our bottled water delivery service is all about flexibility and convenience. You won’t need to stress about arranging refills. We’ve got you covered, ensuring a constant flow of water without any worries.

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Recycled bottles

Once you have used and finished with your bottled water, these bottles are collected (by our energy-efficient fleet of drivers), washed, refilled, and re-used up to 50 times. After an average of 5 years usage, these bottled are then recycled.

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Bottled water refills for bottled water coolers

A reliable bottled water delivery service for businesses.

Rely on our team to guide you in determining the right bottle quantity and delivery frequency for your workplace.

Our refill bottles, available in 19 litres and 11 litres, are compatible with standard water coolers.

Enjoy competitive rates and personalised deals from our team. Plus, contribute to a greener future by using our returnable and reusable bottles, supporting your company’s environmental commitment.

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Helping to reduce single-use plastic waste

By choosing Culligan to supply your bottled water, you are helping the efforts towards reducing single-use plastic waste.

On average, our returnable water cooler bottles are re-used up to 50 times and are then recycled.

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Frequently asked questions

Our bottled water delivery service provides regular delivery of water bottles to refill water coolers, ensuring a constant supply of clean and refreshing drinking water. You can sign up for a delivery plan, and we will schedule regular deliveries based on your water usage and needs.

Bottle sizes include 19 litres and 11 litres, catering to different water consumption requirements.

Delivery frequency varies depending on your water consumption.

Yes, we can adjust your delivery frequency based on your changing needs.

Bottles can be stored in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight, until you're ready to use them. We also provide bottle racks as part of our accessories range. Get in touch to find out more.

Yes, Culligan promotes sustainability by collecting empty bottles for cleaning, refilling, and reuse.

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