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Culligan is committed to a more sustainable future. Our innovative products are designed to reduce single-use plastic, promote environmental conservation, and help reduce your business’s environmental impact.

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Reducing plastic waste

At Culligan we are dedicated to helping businesses to achieve their sustainability targets by creating a plastic-free, energy-efficient future.

Our products globally have prevented the use of 40 billion single-use plastic bottles. And every installation of our bottle-free systems saves 1,440 bottles from landfills.

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Eco-friendly technology

Sustainability meets advanced technology with some of our product features. With machines using eco-friendly R600a refrigeration, that ensures optimal performance while minimising energy consumption.

We understand the importance of conserving energy. That’s why some of our water dispensers come with an energy-saving sleep mode, automatically adjusting to low power consumption during periods of inactivity.

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Culligan CARES

Helping communities access cleaner water.

Established in 2005, Culligan CARES aids communities in need of clean water. Managed by the CARES Committee and our dealers, 99% of funding is dealer-raised.

Partnering with NGOs like Convoy of Hope, CARES focuses on local support, clean water, and disaster relief.

Since 2015, over 25 global projects, including in Uganda and Laos, have been completed.

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Our commitment

Addressing the multifaceted challenge of sustainability is crucial for a better world. At Culligan, we recognise the power of cleaner, healthier water in enhancing lives globally.

We are committed to effecting change where it matters most. Aligned with UN Sustainable Development Goals, we have developed a set of core commitments to drive our efforts toward a more sustainable future.

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