zip hydrotap g5 arc

Zip HydroTap G5 Arc All-In-One

Provides a complete water solution for home or the workplace through a single tap

  • Filtered boiling and chilled water
  • Additional unfiltered hot and cold water
  • WRAS Approved product
  • Suitable for 1-100 users
  • Free no obligation quote
  • Buy or rent, your choice
  • Installation and maintenance available

Blending style and function, perfect for homes and small offices

zip hydrotap g5 arc

The Arc All-in-One features and benefits

First-class filtration
With 0.2-micron MicroPurity™ filtration technology, this system effectively filters dirt, lead, cysts, and microplastics.
Enhanced hygiene
The command centre incorporates SteriTouch® in key water path components, reducing bacteria growth by up to 99.99%.
Eco-conscious operation
The HydroTap utilises water-conserving air-cooled chilling technology and energy-saving sleep modes for optimal efficiency.
The Zip HydroTap Arc, for work and home
A cutting-edge drinking water system with advanced filtration and beautiful design.

Ultimate convenience in just one tap

All-in-One tap
Modernise your kitchen space with timeless elegance featuring a distinct curved swan neck for a touch of sophistication.
Prioritise safety for users with a cool-touch tap, safety lock, and preset boiling point at 98°C to prevent steam spluttering.
Power-Pulse technology​
Regulates heating power, maintaining boiling water within 0.2°C of the set temperature for consistent dispensing at your desired heat.
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zip hydrotap g5 arc

Pure tasting water, on tap


Timeless design

The distinctive curved swan neck design adds a touch of sophistication to any modern kitchen space. Available in a range of finishes.


Reuse, refill, refresh

Choose an instant water tap and ditch single-use plastic bottles. Refill your reusable bottle for a greener, healthier choice.


Home and workplace wellbeing

Experience the health benefits of convenient, filtered water. Whether at home or in the office, hydration makes a noticeable impact on well-being.

Interested in experiencing better water?

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Zip HydroTap G5 Arc All-In-One, at a glance

Boiling, Hot & Cold​
zip hydrotap g5 arc

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    Installation & Maintenance Service

    A service you can trust

    Installation is simple and hassle-free. After setting up the base with electricity, water, and drainage connections, our trained Culligan engineers quickly and efficiently install the system. Once installed, the tap is immediately ready, providing instant and high-quality water.
    We will work with you to create the ideal maintenance package, so you don’t have to worry about anything in the future as Culligan will be here to help.
    If the worst should happen, our customer service team is always here to assist you. If the problem is something that needs in person help, we’ll dispatch a highly skilled Culligan technician to you at your earliest convenience.

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