We offer a wide range or environmentally friendly drinking water solutions. Culligan provides indoor and outdoor
drinking water fountains and bottle refill stations for all environments, including: offices, schools & universities, public spaces, waiting areas, warehouses, gyms, and parks.


Man in a shirt refilling his water bottle at a drinking fountain

An alternative to single-use
plastic bottles

Installing a drinking fountain in a busy public space offers passers-by the opportunity to get free water refills to help cut their plastic waste.

In recent years, many of us have started carrying refillable water bottles with us. So what better way to stay healthy and hydrated than having access to fresh, clean, safe water when out and about?

Each year, it is estimated that at least 14 million tons of single-use plastic waste ends up in our oceans. By providing access to drinking water in public spaces, we are making it easier for the public to switch from plastic bottles to more sustainable, reusable ones.


Indoor & Outdoor Drinking Water Fountains

Drinking water fountains and bottle filling stations offer access to a ready supply of fresh, chilled, safe water for everyone.

At Culligan, we are committed to making drinking water easily accessible for people on the go. That is why we offer a range of high-quality indoor and outdoor refillable bottle stations and drinking fountains.

Our range includes freestanding and wall-mounted units, products with touch-free contactless operation, and bottle fillers that include a counter to tell you how many bottles the machine has saved from landfill.

We also provide a range of vandal resistant fountains, which are tough and durable and suitable for public spaces. And our hygiene range includes machines built using antimicrobial silver and UVC-LED to help ensure the ultimate safe drinking water experience.

Find out more about our drinking fountains and bottle-filling water stations by contacting us and requesting a brochure, or you can visit our online store to browse through our high-quality range.


Rounded image of outdoor bottle filling station with a drinking fountain and water filling station behind

Rounded image of outdoor bottle filling station with a drinking fountain and water filling station behind

Eco Water Refill Stations

The eco water refill station is a must-have for anywhere needing a modern and environmentally friendly hydration solution.

Not only does it look great, but it is also highly functional and allows for easy refilling of reusable bottles. From train stations to universities, this is the ultimate product for hydrating high volumes of people.

Options include a hands-free, sensor-activated operation for peace-of-mind. Units can also be designed with bespoke branding for businesses who wish to personalise the station with their own design.

Two eco water refill stations, black on the left, blue on the right, both have university of oxford logos on with light blue circle behind

Rounded images of water vending machine near a road, stone wall and trees

Water Vending Machines

Our water vending machines are the ideal hydration solution for train stations, hospitals, and public spaces such as zoos and theme parks.

These fountains provide a high quantity of chilled still and sparkling water at a charge by either coin or card payment. A perfect cost-effective way to provide water refills to the public whilst contributing to the reduction of single-use plastic bottles.

Case studies

We are experienced in providing a range of indoor and outdoor bottle filling stations and drinking fountains across the UK.

Hand holding a blue Culligan refillable bottle next to another bottle in front of a football match

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium

We provided the eco-bottle filling stations at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in London. The world-class facility has topped the Sport’s Positive Green League table again in 2022.

Up to 3,864 plastic bottles saved from going to landfill every game.

Lord’s Cricket Ground, wide open green cricket pitch with spectator stands behind

Lord’s Cricket Ground London

Focusing on sustainability and COVID-19 protection, the home of cricket in the UK wanted drinking stations suitable for the hundreds of thousands of visitors they receive each year.

We provided 25 bottle filling stations which included units fitted at an accessible position for wheelchair users.

Campus Reading International office space, people milling around, sitting on chairs, reading magazines

Campus, Reading International

Reading International Business Park is committed to providing a holistic environment for health and wellbeing, and this includes provision of healthy, fresh water for everyone.

We are proud to have provided the water stations installed throughout the campus building and grounds.

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