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box undercounter water cooler
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Under Counter Water Units with P1 Fonte

Our under-counter water units are an ideal solution for areas where space is limited, but you still want high-quality water. Our hospitality systems facilitate the hydration of your customers while remaining elegant, compact, and functional.

Our under-counter water units must be combined together with a P1 Fonte.

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Save space with this compact unit

By separating the filtration system from the dispensing taps, the space-saving units allow you to drink freshly filtered chilled water while fitting into the smallest of spaces.

With a focus on optimising space, these units are the perfect solution for hospitality environments such as bars, restaurants, cafes and, conference rooms. This is particularly helpful in situations where space is limited but a large quantity of quality drinking water is required.

Pure great-tasting water

Our under-counter water units, along with the P1 Fonte, offer professional-grade filters and purifiers that are fitted to improve taste and reduce odours in great-tasting, crystal-clear water.

The Ice Bank cooling technology is a necessity in busy HORECA environments where large quantities of consistently ice-cold water are required.

Under-counter water units specification

Specification for under-counter unit only. Must be paired together with a P1 Fonte.

Water options
Chilled, Ambient & Sparkling
Number of users
Up to 50
Standard unit: Up to 160L,
Space saver Unit: Up to 22L
Water purification
3 stage purification system
Must be purchased together with the P1 Fonte
Minimum cabinet size of 500ml required

P1 Fonte

Efficient high-volume water dispenser for the hospitality sector

The versatile P1 Fonte range offers three models with different output capacities to suit the needs of any venue. Ideal for optimising space, these units are compact and sturdy and can fit into almost any venue. Cutting-edge technology allows for high-capacity dispensing of still and sparkling water.

  • Clean design with external surfaces in stainless steel to facilitate easy cleaning.
  • Three water dispensing options – cold, ambient and sparkling.
  • The products are completed by our range of ergonomic taps.
  • Superior cooling capacity and fast replenishment times.

The P1 Fonte product must be purchased together with the under-counter water units.

P1 Fonte specification

Dispensing capacity
Water options
Dispensing operation
Dimensions (W x D x H)
Water temperature
P1 Fonte 65
65L per hour
Chilled, Ambient & Sparkling
Manual Mechanical Taps
35 x 42 x 50 cm
3 - 10°C
P1 Fonte 120
120L per hour
Chilled, Ambient & Sparkling
Manual Mechanical Taps
35 x 48 x 50 cm
3 - 10°C
P1 Fonte 180
180L per hour
Chilled, Ambient & Sparkling
Manual Mechanical Taps
35 x 53 x 50 cm
3 - 10°C

High-volume water dispenser service & maintenance

We build long-term relationships with all our customers. To keep your product performing at its best, our service provides peace of mind with hassle-free installation and regular servicing and maintenance from our fully qualified technicians.

Expert installation

Before you know it you will be enjoying great-tasting water at your fingertips. Our expert service technicians do all the hard work for you, installing your new water system at a date and time to suit you.


Each service includes sanitation and filter replacements ensuring your product is running smoothly without compromise. Our preventative maintenance ensures a trouble-free operation for total peace of mind.

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Expert support

We provide local service on a national scale. In the unlikely event of a problem, our team are ready to help. Our friendly customer service team will send our expert technicians to repair your issue as quickly as possible.

Key features at a glance

  • Under-counter water units must be bought with a P1 Fonte
  • Available in Cold & Ambient, or Cold, Ambient & Sparkling
  • Two size capacities are available
  • Three models of P1 Fonte are available
  • Perfect for hospitality environments
  • Room for a gas bottle also required for the sparkling option
  • Ventilation required
  • Large quantities of consistently ice-cold water

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