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Countertop Instant Hot Water Boiler

Available in push-button, lever tap or hands-free models

Ideal for up to 40 users; our Countertop boiler is a highly efficient way of providing hot boiling water within your workplace premises, while the attractive stainless steel design makes it an ideal system for kitchen and breakout areas.

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Easy access to boiling water​

Boiling water in a kettle can waste a substantial amount of time and money for your business. Our countertop boiler units eliminate this problem, providing boiling water instantly; saving you time, space and money with a constant supply of boiling water on demand.

These units are permanently plumbed into your mains water supply, and as water is dispensed the unit refills, allowing you to draw off multiple cups of boiling water at any one time; making them ideal for busy workplaces.

Multiple options available to suit your needs

Our energy efficient hot water boiler comes in a variety of models to allow you to enjoy boiling water without any hassle.

  • A simple push-button activated boiling water dispenser
  • An easy to use level tap model boiling water dispenser
  • Along with an upgrade available to convert the lever tap boiling water dispenser to a hands-free experience

We also offer a variety of capacity options for this water boiler to suit your businesses needs; ranging from 2, 5 and 10 litres.


Water options
Boiling only
Dimensions (W x D x H)
210 x 464 - 505 x 385 - 590 mm
Boiled water capacity
2L, 5L and 10L options available
Weight (model dependant)
7kg - 12.5kg
Power consumption
1.3 - 1.75 kWh (dependant on model)
Brushed Stainless Steel

Installation & maintenance​

Our Culligan experts are with you every step of the way; from installation, making regular checks of the boiler and providing you with on-going customer care.

Expert installation

In no time, you’ll have access to delicious-tasting water right at your fingertips. Our team of skilled service technicians takes care of all the challenging aspects of installing your new water system, and they’ll work with you to schedule a convenient installation date and time.


Every service we offer incorporates sanitation and filter replacements to guarantee that your product runs flawlessly without any compromises. Our proactive maintenance ensures trouble-free operation, providing you with complete peace of mind.


We offer nationwide coverage with a local touch. If you encounter an issue, our team is always prepared to assist you. Our courteous customer service representatives will dispatch our skilled technicians to resolve your problem promptly.

Key features at a glance

  • Energy efficient water boiler
  • Connects to main water supply
  • Limescale reduction filter
  • Stainless steel design for easy cleaning
  • Ideal for busy kitchens and breakout areas
  • Easy to use push button or hygienic touch-free tap dispense

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