Countries with the best drinking water

June 9, 2023

Do you find yourself curious about the nations with the best drinking water in the world, the places with the cleanest tap water, and the global leaders in the realm of drinking water quality? You’re not alone; these are questions we’ve pondered as well. Below, we explore the countries often touted as having the purest water in the world.

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What Country has the Best Water

1. (tie) Finland

Finland is uniquely rich in surface waters, and ranks amongst the best in the world for its tap water quality. It is not only completely safe but a pleasure to drink, with legislation ensuring that water does not contain substances or organisms that could cause any ill-health. The tap water in Finland frequently boasts greater cleanliness and more pleasing taste in than many types of bottled water.

1. (tie) Iceland

Iceland has high rainfall, meaning that not only do they have a large amount of groundwater, it is of great quality. Because of this, the water in Iceland is free from chlorine, calcium, and nitrate. The water has filtered through volcanic rock for decades, ensuring that tap water is safe and delivious. 95% of all water in Iceland comes from springs in the ground, meaning it doesn’t come into contact with pollutants. It is unsurprising that many other countries purchase their bottled water from Iceland.

1. (tie) Netherlands

The drinking water quality in the Netherlands is exceptional. Drinking water is obtained from both groundwater and surface water, with 58% coming from groundwater, 41% sourced from lakes and rivers, a marginal 1% is derived from natural sand dune water. The water purification conducted by the drinking water companies ensures that the produced drinking water meets all legal standards and regulations.

Because of this, the Dutch are one of the few nations in the world that do not treat their drinking water with chlorine. This is because their water undergoes multiple purification steps prior reaching the tap, including sand filtration, UV treatment, and filtration through special membranes.

1. (tie) Norway

Norway is known for being a healthy place to live and is often considered one of the best countries to live in. You can safely drink tap water anywhere in Norway and most of the water comes straight from clean mountain streams, so it’s cold and fresh when it flows from your tap. Though in some areas, there might be a slight chloride taste. This is uncommon, as the usual method is to filter water with UV-rays to get rid of bacteria and microorganisms, ensuring high water quality.

1. (tie) Switzerland

Switzerland is an incredically lucky country and those that live there are proud that they have a huge variety of water resources that provides them with safe water to drink straight from the tap. Their water comes from their natural springs, ground water, and lakes. It remains clean and free of toxins, requiring no treatment and lacking any chemical aftertaste.

1. (tie) United Kingdom

In the 2022 Environmental Performance Index, the United Kingdom is among just six countries worldwide that have achieved the highest achievable score.

Despite being one of those known for having the cleanest water in the world, many ask about whether you can drink the water in London and why London drinking water tastes different, though it’s key to note that Thames Water asserts that 65% of its water is derived from surface water, while 35% originates from groundwater supplies. As such, due to the location, London’s tap water is classified as hard to very hard, giving it a different taste. However, Visit London rates it as among the world’s finest. Interestingly, hard water, with its elevated mineral content, is actually considered beneficial for your health.

7. Malta

In Malta, the water supply originates from two distinct sources: desalinated seawater by reverse osmosis plants and groundwater. Generally, RO water possesses fewer minerals compared to groundwater. Around 57% of the water is desalinated, while the remaining 43% primarily comes from groundwater sources. Although minor variations in mineral content might exist across various localities in Malta, rest assured that the safety of tap water remains consistent throughout the region. Though the water is safe and clean, you can find that the taste is less than great as they use a lot of chlorine.

8, Germany 

Tap water is the most controlled food or beverage in Germany, so it is no suprise that it made this list. The quality of tap water is so impressive that it equals or surpasses mineral water in both safety and often taste.

Approximately 70% of Germany’s drinking water is sourced from either groundwater or spring water. Groundwater, typically drawn from wells reaching depths of up to 400 meters, consistently maintains a high level of quality.

9. Luxembourg

In Luxembourg, tap water is closely monitored and guaranteed to be safe for drinking. The local municipalities and trade unions conduct over 6,500 tests on the water each year to ensure its quality. This means you can enjoy tap water directly without worrying about filtering or boiling it.

Around 66% of the water distributed to the residences of Luxembourg’s citizens comes from groundwater sources. The remaining one-third is obtained from treated surface water.

10. Sweden

Sweden is renowned for its pristine and unpolluted reputation. The tap water here is completely safe to drink and often even surpasses the quality of bottled water. The water is widely recognised as excellent, with minimal bacterial presence, particularly in urban areas.

When it comes to drinking water, Sweden stands out in the Western world with its exceptional cleanliness. The country boasts exceptionally high-quality drinking water, largely sourced from its abundant lakes and streams. The water goes through a multi-layered filtration process, including both engineered and natural channels.

Sweden’s reputation for possessing exceptionally clean and uncontaminated water remains well-deserved.

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