Water Delivered Efficiently and Safely Using Lightfoot

Water Delivered Efficiently and Safely Using Lightfoot

January 13, 2023

Here at Culligan, we are dedicated to providing convenient and fast solutions to the people that we collaborate with. As part of our commitment to protecting the environment, we have chosen to utilise Lightfoot for our fleet, ensuring that our water is delivered to you efficiently and safely.

Lightfoot is an advanced fleet management system that enables us to significantly reduce our carbon footprint, incentivise our drivers, enhance vehicle safety, and overall improve the performance of our fleet. By conducting weekly driving reviews for all our drivers and utilising real-time engine analytics, we ensure that we achieve the highest level of efficiency and safety from our vehicles.

We are proud to announce that our fleet maintains an average Lightfoot score of 93%, surpassing the national average of 85%. This remarkable achievement means that our drivers are classified as Elite Drivers. They are not only highly skilled and experienced but also committed to practising safe and eco-friendly driving habits. This dedication translates to a reduction of up to 20% in fuel consumption and emissions, making a substantial contribution to environmental sustainability.

In addition to the environmental benefits, the implementation of Lightfoot has significantly enhanced the safety of our fleet. With a 40% decrease in the likelihood of accidents, our drivers can ensure that your water is delivered safely, without compromising the well-being of themselves or others on the road.

Through the effective utilisation of Lightfoot, we have successfully reduced our CO2 emissions by an equivalent of approximately 764,000 kettles boiled per month. This is an impressive feat, highlighting our dedication to not only meeting but exceeding environmental regulations and standards.

Moreover, our commitment to fleet excellence extends beyond the use of Lightfoot. We are proud to have received both Silver and Bronze accreditations under the Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme. These industry-recognized certifications further reinforce our reputation as a reliable provider that adheres to the highest standards of fleet operations and safety.

When you choose Culligan for your hydration needs, you can be confident that you will receive your water safely and efficiently. Our utilisation of Lightfoot, in conjunction with our industry recognition and unwavering commitment to environmental responsibility, sets us apart as a trusted and sustainable leader in the water delivery industry.


This article was originally featured on Edgar’s Water blog.