Unlock Your Coffee’s Potential with Culligan Water Filtration

March 7, 2017
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Coffee is universally adored, and for good reason. Whether it’s a leisurely morning latte or a brisk afternoon espresso, we often depend on coffee to give us a kick of energy throughout the day. According to the Caffee Society, the average person consumes 676 cups annually, amounting to a coffee spend of approximately £2,210 (borgandoverstrom, 2023). It might surprise you to learn that 98% of the contents in our coffee cup is water, highlighting the significant influence of water quality on coffee flavour (visionwater, 2022).​

Opting for a water filter presents a practical and cost-effective solution to eliminate contaminants that could alter coffee flavour and reduce the longevity of coffee machines or brewers. In this post we delve into the importance of water quality for coffee.​

Enhancing taste by eliminating impurities​

While water is an essential element of coffee, unfiltered water can adversely affect its taste. Unfiltered water may contain hardness, minerals, chlorine, sediments, and even bacteria, all of which can compromise the flavour and leave a bitter, metallic aftertaste in your coffee. These impurities detract from the enjoyment of drinking coffee and may mask its natural flavours (baristainstitute, n.d.). By filtering your water, you can eliminate these impurities and achieve a cleaner, purer taste. Moreover, this process helps remove undesirable flavours or odours, enabling you to fully appreciate your coffee.​

Preventing Mineral build-up in your coffee maker​

Using unfiltered water in your coffee machine or brewer can lead to the accumulation of minerals, resulting in clogs and damage over time. This mineral build-up can disrupt the water’s temperature and pressure, resulting in an uneven brew that fails to meet your desired taste and quality (freshcup,2022).​

The use of unfiltered water can significantly impact the lifespan of your coffee machine or brewer. Mineral deposits accumulate within the components over time, forming a layer of scale that obstructs the machine’s pipes and valves, reducing water flow and affecting water temperature and pressure. If left untreated, mineral build-up can cause severe damage, such as corrosion or cracks, rendering the machine inoperable (barista999, 2022). Additionally, repairing or replacing the machine can incur substantial costs. To avoid these issues, filtered water is essential for your coffee machine or brewer.​

Upgrade your water filtration system today and enjoy the benefits of cleaner, purer water. Culligan, a leading water treatment services provider, offers advanced filtration methods, including osmosis and water softeners, to eliminate minerals, chlorine, and bacteria for enhanced taste. With a diverse range of solutions tailored to help you achieve the perfect cup of coffee, their systems can enhance the efficiency and longevity of expensive equipment.​