Culligan offers hygienic and safe water solutions for hospitals that are both cost-effective and reliable, ensuring a steady supply of high-quality water for staff and patients.

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Drinking water for hospitals

Access to clean, uncontaminated water is crucial for the healthcare industry, which is why we’re proud to play a part in providing these essential amenities to hospitals. We offer a specialised line of hydration solutions that are ideal for any health and hospital setting and provide exceptional ease of use and hygiene.

Anti-bacterial & touch-free hygienic solutions

Our drinking water solutions prioritise safety, featuring touchless operation, UV technology that eliminates bacteria, and machines made with antimicrobial materials, making them the perfect hygienic water dispensers.

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Robust & reliable hydration stations

We are committed to delivering high-capacity, dependable hydration solutions that cater to the rigorous demands of the healthcare sector. Our collection of durable and trustworthy water coolers and fountains is designed to withstand long-term use.

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Expert installation & ongoing aftercare

We provide installation services as well as ongoing maintenance if needed for your healthcare water coolers, bottle fillers, and drinking fountains. Our installers are fully certified, having successfully completed practical WHA Installation Standards and WRAS courses.

Products recommended for hospitals

Water refill stations, drinking fountains, and instant filtered taps perfect for the healthcare sector.​

OASIS Touch-Free Drinking Fountain
OASIS Touch-Free Drinking Fountain
Hygienic sensor-operation
Wall mounted indoor fountain
Dispenses 60 litres chilled water per hour
Colorado Floor Standing Water Fountain
Colorado Floor Standing Water Fountain
Compact design fits in any environment
Robust and reliable
Easy to use and maintain
OASIS Refrigerated Drinking Fountain
OASIS Refrigerated Drinking Fountain
High-capacity wall mounted unit
Perfect for hospitals & clinics
Culligan Hands-free Water Cooler Dispenser
OASIS Outdoor Drinking Water Fountain
Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
Anti-splash design
WRAS approved
Brand your own Water Bottle Refill Station
Fully customisable with your own branding
High-capacity fountain
Hands-free dispense for optimal hygiene
OASIS Hands-free Bottle Filler & Fountain
OASIS Hands-free Bottle Filler & Fountain
Sensor-operated touch-free dispensing
Plastic bottle saver counter
UV technology
OASIS Hands-free Recessed Bottle Filler
OASIS Hands-free Recessed Bottle Filler
Space-saving design
Plastic bottle saver counter
Touch-free operation
OASIS Surface-mounted Water Bottle Filler
OASIS Surface-mounted Water Bottle Filler
Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
For clinics, hospitals and public spaces
No electricity required
Zip HydroTap G5 Touch Free Wave
HydroTap G5 Touch Free Wave
Touch-free operation​
100% safety & hygiene
Zip HydroTap G5 Classic Plus Boiling & Chilled
HydroTap G5 Classic Plus Boiling & Chilled
Boiling and chilled water​
Up to 240 cups boiling water per hour​
Up to 175 glasses chilled water per hour​

Why choose Culligan’s hydration solutions for your heathcare setting...


Bottle fillers, water coolers, and drinking fountains are cost-efficient options for healthcare environments as they eliminate the use of disposable plastic water bottles.

These hospital amenities minimise waste, are easy to maintain, are energy-saving, widely accessible, and encourage healthy hydration practices. This leads to cost savings in trash disposal, repairs, energy consumption, bottled water purchases, and illnesses, making them a sustainable and advantageous investment for both large and small healthcare facilities.



Combat sustainability struggles with our water fountains and refilling stations for hospitals and doctor’s offices, which can annually save your facilities from contributing tonnes of single-use plastic bottles to landfills.

Staff and patients have the option to drink directly from the fountains or refill their bottles, and the fillers have a built-in counter to track the number of plastic bottles being saved whilst they stay hydrated.


Safe & hygienic

Ideal for hospitals; Culligan provide drinking water products that have safety and hygiene in mind. ​

We have fountains that are built using antimicrobial materials, and offer touch-free operation, as well as bacteria-killing UV technology for complete peace-of-mind for patients and staff.


Reliable & efficient

Whether you require water bottle fillers or drinking fountains for a hospital or doctor’s office, our solutions can consistently provide a high volume of water to ensure that your patients and staff have a constant supply, Monday to Friday.

Our collection of durable and dependable coolers and fountains is engineered for longevity.


Culligan working with healthcare specialists

We provide hydration solutions for the following healthcare specialists:

Meeting the demands of hospital facilities

We are committed to providing reliable and cost-effective drinking water solutions that help healthcare facilities deliver the best possible care to their patients.

The importance of hydration in healthcare

Proper hydration is crucial for overall health and contributes to increased energy and focus. Therefore, it’s not only important to make clean and reliable water easily accessible to your staff, but also to your patients. The question is not whether to have drinking fountains or bottle fillers, but which provider to choose.

Culligan has been setting the bar in global hydration for many years, making us the best choice for all your hydration needs.

Culligan are setting the standard as the drinking water experts

At Culligan, we have been a trusted name in the water industry for many years, with a long history of installing hydration solutions in healthcare facilities throughout the UK.

We take pride in our comprehensive and sturdy appliance offerings, providing clean and reliable water to hospitals and doctor’s offices across the country.

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