Embracing Plastic Free July: Culligan UK’s Commitment to ESG

June 30, 2023
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For the month of July, people around the world are set to go plastic free to help reduce plastic pollution as part of the global movement, Plastic Free July.

Started by a small local government team in Western Australia in 2011, Plastic Free July (PFJ) is now one of the most influential environmental campaigns in the world.

Millions of people across the globe take part every year, with many committing to reducing plastic pollution far beyond the month of July.

According to the PFJ charity participation in the initiative results in:

  • a reduction in household waste and recycling by 15kg per person per year (3.5% less waste)
  • global reduction of 2.1 billion tonnes of waste and recycling including 300 million kgs of plastic consumption
  • 86% of people making changes that become habits/a way of life
  • since its launch, Plastic Free July has reduced global demand by 2.3% of all bottled water, 3.1% of all fruit and vegetable packaging, and 4.0% of all plastic straws

So, whether it’s ditching pre-packaged fruit and vegetables, or ensuring you always have a reusable drinks bottle with you, there are many ways to make a difference as part of plastic free July.

As a business, Culligan is committed to reducing plastic usage and pollution. Our range of hydration solutions help to avoid 40 billion plastic bottles from going to landfill and polluting our oceans each year.

We are proud to share our commitment to ESG principles. Our dedication to sustainability drives us to implement eco-friendly practices throughout our business operations. From reducing our carbon footprint to prioritising social responsibility, Culligan UK aims to be at the forefront of positive change.

Join us as we explore how our Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) goals align with Plastic Free July. Learn how you can make a difference by choosing our sustainable hydration solutions that reduce plastic waste and promote sustainability.

By joining us, you will gain a better understanding of how our ESG goals and Plastic Free July can work together to create a more sustainable future.

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Reducing Our Carbon Footprint

Culligan UK recognises that protecting the environment is vital for a sustainable future. We have taken significant steps to minimise our carbon footprint. Through innovative investments in energy-efficient solutions, we have made substantial reductions in our energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

We have taken proactive steps to address key areas such as energy efficiency, waste reduction, and responsible water management, all in the pursuit of environmental stewardship.

A notable initiative we have undertaken is the promotion of energy-efficient solutions. We wholeheartedly embrace advanced technologies that optimise energy usage and effectively reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Through the utilisation of innovative systems and equipment, we strive to minimise our energy consumption across all our operations, ultimately resulting in a significant reduction in our carbon footprint

By choosing Culligan UK, our customers contribute to a greener future. They know that our commitment to the environment goes beyond mere words.

Together, we can pave the way for a more sustainable world.

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Fostering Diversity and Inclusion

At Culligan UK, we firmly believe in the power of diversity and inclusion as fundamental pillars of a thriving workplace.

We understand that an environment that embraces fairness, equal opportunity, and respect is not only essential for our employees’ well-being but also crucial for fostering innovation and driving our success as an organisation.

As part of our commitment to social responsibility, we actively promote diversity throughout our entire organisation.

By cultivating a diverse workforce, we harness a wealth of perspectives, ideas, and experiences. Our employees come from various backgrounds, cultures, and identities, contributing to a rich tapestry of talent and enabling us to approach challenges from multiple angles. This diversity ignites creativity and innovation, propelling us forward and ensuring that we remain at the forefront of our industry.

As part of our social responsibility goals, we actively promote diversity throughout our organisation. By embracing a diverse workforce, we tap into a wide range of perspectives, ideas, and experiences, fostering innovation and creativity.

In line with our dedication to creating an inclusive workplace, we prioritise the safety and well-being of all our employees. We strive to provide a supportive environment where everyone feels valued, respected, and empowered to bring their authentic selves to work.

We firmly believe that by embracing diversity and inclusion, we create a stronger and more resilient organisation. We will continue to champion these principles, ensuring that our workplace remains a place of equal opportunity, growth, and success for all.

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Join the Plastic Free July movement

Plastic Free July is an international movement that encourages individuals and businesses to reduce their consumption of single-use plastics.

At Culligan UK, we wholeheartedly embrace this initiative and invite our customers to join us in making a difference. By choosing our eco-friendly products, you actively contribute to the reduction of plastic waste.

Our mains-fed water coolers offer the convenience of fresh filtered water without the need for repeat deliveries of bottled water. While our Bottle Filling Stations are designed to combat single-use plastic waster. Delivering safe, clean, filtered water at the touch of a button.

With every purchase, you become an agent of change, helping to create a healthier planet for future generations. We’re proud to say that each year 40 billion fewer plastic bottles are used globally thanks to Culligan products.

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Empowering sustainability through every purchase

By choosing Culligan UK’s sustainable hydration solutions, customers become part of our shared commitment to ESG principles.

Our products not only meet your drinking water needs but also represent a conscious choice to support a company dedicated to environmental and social responsibility. Each time you enjoy a refreshing sip of Culligan water, you can feel confident that you are making a positive impact.

Together, we can raise awareness, drive change, and inspire others to follow suit. Join us this Plastic Free July and let’s work towards a future where sustainability is a way of life.

Explore our range of eco-friendly products today and become a part of the movement towards a plastic-free future!

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