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From microscopic organisms to massive cities, water sustains us all. Today, the world faces a new range of challenges, from climate change to calls for greater equity, that can only be met with a global effort.

At Culligan, we are committed to building a better, more sustainable world by improving both our social and environmental impact.

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Addressing today’s problems

Sustainability is our priority

Sustainability is a multifaceted challenge, and building a more sustainable world requires all of us to do what we can.

At Culligan, we believe that cleaner, healthier water can help contribute to improving the lives of people around the world and is a key driver towards solving some of the biggest challenges that lie in our future.

Our goal is to do everything we can in the areas where we are best equipped to truly effect change. To that end, we’ve developed a core set of commitments that align with the UN Sustainable Development Goals and serve as the focus of our work to build a better world.



1 million single-use plastic water bottles are consumed per minute worldwide.


Emerging contaminants in water are creating major public health issues.


2.2 billion people globally lack safe drinking water.


Global greenhouse gas emission is projected to increase temperature by 3ºC by 2100.

Our approach to sustainability

See our progress to date and the steps we’re taking to make an even greater impact.

Our commitments

From product development to service and maintenance, we’re committed to making a positive
impact for the betterment of mankind — and the earth.

Why we value diversity, equity and inclusion

Leading with authenticity

Doing our part to bring about a better, more sustainable world means more than environmental initiatives. We’re also focused on critical social issues including diversity, equity and inclusion.

As a global organization with employees from wide-ranging nationalities and backgrounds, we strive to create a culture that encourages every individual to bring their unique experiences and perspectives to their work.

We believe that building a workforce from a diverse representation of cultures, race, ethnicity, age, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, and physical capabilities is more than the right thing to do – it’s foundational to our success.

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