Following the global combination of Culligan and Waterlogic, we are excited to share with you the roadmap of what’s changing from April and what you need to know.

We will update the Frequently Asked Questions below, so please reference this page for the latest information.

Finance and Billing
Orders and Deliveries


How will the changes affect me?

Whilst we fully integrate the two businesses, and because of implementing a new system, some things will look a little different including invoices, scheduled order emails, bottle labels, and personnel. Please be assured that we aim to minimise the impact on you a much as possible, whilst offering new advantages.

When does this change happen?

The change takes place from April 2023.

Are any of your contact numbers or email addresses changing?

While there is no change to the current contact methods, in result of Culligan and Waterlogic combining, you may receive some correspondence from a Waterlogic email address in the short-term.

Finance and Billing

Do your bank details change?

Our bank details have changed and there is a requirement for you to update these. Please find our bank details below:

Company: Culligan (UK) Limited

Bank: HSBC UK Bank PLC

Sort Code: 40-11-60

Account Number: 01240668

Will this affect my pricing or contract?

All pricing, terms & conditions, equipment, and service agreements will remain the same. The only exception to this is that the bottle deposits will now incur VAT – this VAT charge will be fully refunded upon return of the bottle. Following customer feedback, the bottle deposit charges and refunds will also now be on the same invoice as your water.

Do my account details change?

Our System will generate a new Account Reference Number for all customers. We will be sharing this with you in the coming weeks. We can locate your account using your current Customer Account Number, also.

Is there a change in your VAT Number or Company Registration Number?

Yes – You will find our new details below:

VAT Number: GB 828 3824 07

Company Registration Number: 2418453

Will my invoice look different?

Invoices will be laid out differently, but we feel that they will be easier to understand with clearer information given. Following customer feedback, the bottle deposit charges and refunds will also now be on the same invoice as your water.

Will I still be invoiced at the end of the month?

You will still receive your invoices in the same way; however, you will now be invoiced on a mid-monthly billing cycle instead of month-end. This is normally on/around the 15th of each month.

How do I pay my invoices?

If you are currently set up on a Direct Debit, you are not required to make any changes. You can call us on 0344 5793999 and make a payment over the phone, or you can make a BACS Transfer with the new bank details provided above. You can also pay your invoices through the E-Billing Portal, see below for setup.

How do I create an account for the E-Billing Portal?

To request a new account for our E-Billing portal please email us at [email protected]

Will I still be able to view Historical/Open Invoices?

You can request a copy of historical invoices by calling 0344 5793999 or emailing [email protected], however, all your invoices from April 2023 will now be available to view in the E-Billing portal.

Orders and Deliveries

Is the ‘My Water Portal’ Changing?

Yes. There will be an updated MyWater Portal with increased product offering, the ability to manage subscriptions for regular deliveries, and you will now also be able to view delivery notes for water orders. Copies of invoices will be available in the E-Billing Portal.

How do I create an account on the MyWater Portal?

You can easily setup your online account using your new customer account number and Web-ID which you will receive from us shortly as part of our customer communications.

Will I still order consumables in the same way for my delivery account?

Yes, you can. We would recommend you order your usual consumables via our online portal, which is quick and easy to setup and available 24/7. You can manage your orders, see past deliveries and setup your subscriptions.

Will my delivery dates change?

Whilst the delivery date may not be the same day each week, the frequency of your deliveries will not change.

Will my scheduled order change?

Going forward, our emails will look different, however, you will still be able to order and manage your scheduled deliveries as you do today, and there is no change to the frequency of deliveries.

Will I notice a difference to my water bottles?

For an interim period, while we are in the process of rebranding from Waterlogic to Culligan, you may receive a water bottle labelled as Waterlogic/Angel Springs.

Will I notice a difference in who delivers my water?

For an interim period, while we are in the process of rebranding from Waterlogic to Culligan, you may notice the Driver/Technician might be wearing a Waterlogic uniform.

Will I be able to keep the same water dispenser?

Yes, there will be no changes to your equipment.