c3 ct

C3 Firewall® Countertop Water Dispenser

Compact and stylish countertop water cooler, offering exceptional purification and the option for sparkling water.

  • Sleek design and reliability
  • Advanced UVC filtration
  • Ideal for small to medium workplaces
Extra Hot
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  • Installation & maintenance
    service available

Enjoy a constant supply of the highest quality drinking water

c3 ct

Superior purification on demand

Hygienic protection
The C3 Firewall® features advanced Firewall® and BioCote® technology, ensuring both the dispenser's exterior and the water inside are hygienically safeguarded.
Antimicrobial defense
Key plastic surfaces around the dispensing area are fortified with BioCote®, offering continuous antimicrobial protection against a wide range of microbes, reducing odours and surface degradation.
Premium Sparkling Water
Enjoy superior-quality sparkling water, purified to NSF standards for the highest level of safety and quality.
Reduce your carbon footprint
Opt for a plumbed-in water dispenser to decrease your dependence on disposable plastics.

The best hydration for your office

Endless water supply
Connected to your current water source, the C3 guarantees an uninterrupted flow of pure drinking water.
Compact design
Efficient and compact countertop water dispenser, offering a space-saving solution for high-quality hydration.
Range of water options
With five different water options available, the C3 will meet the requirements of all your employees.
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c3 ct

Enjoy fresh drinking water all day long with
the C3 Firewall dispenser


User-friendly interface

Easy operation with touch-sensitive and intuitive controls, ensuring easy and convenient dispensing.


Optional Hands-Free Dispensing

Add an infrared (IR) module for touch-free operation, ensuring enhanced hygiene and peace of mind.


Employee wellbeing

Research indicates that water consumption enhances both body and brain function, promoting the overall health and happiness of your employees.

Interested in enjoying better water?

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The C3 countertop water dispenser,
at a glance

465 mm
486 mm
393 mm
Cold & Ambient
Cold, Ambient & Sparkling
Cold, Sparkling, Hot & Extra Hot
Cold, Ambient, Hot, Extra Hot
c3 ct

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    Installation & Maintenance Service

    Here to help with everything you need

    Our specialist engineers provide installation of our full range of water equipment, including water coolers, instant chilled & boiling taps, and drinking fountains. No job is too big or too small.
    We believe in looking after your water equipment with regular maintenance. Depending on what product you choose, our service includes; replacing filters, regular sanitisation, and replacing parts.
    In the unlikely event you have any issues; just call us and we’ll either fix or replace your machine. We provide a fully managed customer support service to keep you up-and-running.

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