Reward your staff with better-tasting water.
Culligan provides the widest range of hydration solutions for
workplaces, offering both quality and choice. From pure chilled water
to boiling and sparkling options, our products are designed to meet
the demands of a busy work environment.


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Hydration and
employee wellbeing

It’s no secret that even mild dehydration can have negative effects on performance, attentiveness, and mood. That’s why it is so important to ensure you drink enough healthy fluids (i.e. sugar-free drinks) each day.

Water is of course the healthiest choice, with the recommended amount to drink being 6-8 glasses per day. Keeping hydrated can help keep our levels of concentration up, improve sleep quality and our well-being.


Bottled Water
Cooler Dispensers

Convenient, hassle-free, and cost-effective – the traditional bottled water cooler is still a popular choice for businesses large and small.

Providing offices and workplaces with a low-maintenance source of pure chilled water. At Culligan we provide a range of dispensers, from floor-standing to countertop units, as well as bottom-loading, and hot and cold machines. Our high-quality water coolers are available to buy or rent.

Visit The Water Cooler Company webstore to view our product range or contact us for more information.


Three water coolers, mains fed to the left and two bottled water coolers

Culligan's Water bottle refill, water splashing around and orange circle with white text We Deliver Bottled Water Across the UK

Bottled Water Delivery

Never run out of water again – keep your staff hydrated with a regular supply of pure English water delivered straight to your doorstep

With depots across the UK, we can ensure a reliable and friendly service for your business. Get in touch to discuss your requirements – we can advise on the right number of bottles and frequency of delivery for your needs.

Contact us to find out more about our service.


Water Cooler Dispensers

Mains-fed (or plumbed) water coolers provide sustainable hydration for any sized workplace.

Our high-capacity machines are reliable, convenient, and cost-effective. Culligan produces high-quality mains-fed coolers for a wide range of businesses looking to provide their staff with the very best fresh, chilled, filtered water.

Our range includes hot and sparkling water options, as well as touch-free contactless units for ultimate safe water dispensing in the workplace.

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Three Culligan mains-fed water coolers, two sleep black water coolers and one silver on the left


Instant Chilled, Boiling
& Sparkling Water

For the ultimate drinking water system, choose an instant filtered water tap.

A switch to a filtered tap provides your staff with a choice of chilled, boiling, and sparkling water in an instant. No more waiting for the kettle to boil or bringing single-use plastic bottles into the office.

  • The Zip HydroTap combines state-of-the-art technology, micro purity filtration, and stunning design.
  • Dispensing up to 240 cups of 167ml boiling water, and 175 cups of 200ml chilled and sparkling cups per hour.
  • The Zip HydroTap offers a convenient, efficient, and safe solution for all your hydration needs.

If you want the best drinking water solution for your workplace, get in touch with us to find out more about Zip Water products.


Why choose Culligan?

We are experts at providing flexible, sustainable, and convenient hydration solutions for UK businesses.


We will provide you with better water solutions that support your business’s sustainability goals.

Our range of drinking water products are designed to help reduce single-use plastic. Using less plastic in the workplace means your business can help lower CO2 emissions from the manufacturing and transporting of plastic bottles.


Cost and Convenience

At Culligan, we offer great value, flexible hydration solutions on a rental and purchase basis. Many of our units are available with a free trial period, as well as with installation and ongoing maintenance included.

Simple, efficient, and fast service for your business.


Staff Productivity

Providing staff with easy access to drinking water can help your teams be more productive and deliver more value. Culligan offer a range of hydration solutions across every touchpoint in your business, from the warehouse, office, and storefront.


Employee Wellness

Many of our customers want to provide better hydration for the physical, mental, and social wellbeing of their employees. Hydration at work can mean more than just filling up your bottle or glass from a water dispenser.

By providing your staff with choices like sparkling water, or instant water from a filtered tap, you can help ensure you are meeting the expectations of every employee.


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