Hotel Laundries

If you have an in-house laundry at your hotel softened water will also extend the life of your machinery, improve stain removing, reduce detergent use and increases in energy use due to scale build up. Just 1 mm of scale increases your energy consumption by 7% through the insulation properties it creates, inhibiting heat being transferred to your water and any equipment used to create steam.

Spas and Leisure Facilities

Good water quality in spas is essential to ensure your guests get the maximum benefits from their treatments and whole spa experience. Whether they are relaxing after a treatment with a glass of chilled water, enjoying hydrotherapy or a simple shower after an exfoliation soft water is a must for the experience ensuring products lather well for a luxurious experience and guests feel pampered.

Naturally water quality in swimming pools and hot tubs needs to be high leading to crystal clear water that is disinfected. We have the experience, technology and chemicals to keep water in pools and hot tubs at its best cost-effectively.

A Different Water Source

You may be sourcing your water from town mains, but increasingly more rural hotels are looking for alternative sources. Water usage in hotels can be high and drawing water from a lake, river or borehole can be a cost-effective alternative. We have the expertise and water treatment technologies to deliver high quality water from an alternative source with a rapid return on investment. If you would like to explore cutting your water costs through sourcing it differently call our experienced water sourcing team for an initial discussion.

Boiler Room & Cooling Systems

Smooth and efficient operation of your boilers and cooling systems are essential to maximise the comfort of your guests at minimal operating cost. Culligan Water Softeners, Portable Exchange Deionizers, Reverse Osmosis, and chemicals are all designed to keep your plant operating safely and efficiently without un-planned shutdowns. Culligan also offer an array of full-service solutions that will help keep your utility plant working efficiently and reliably.

Hotel Water Treatment Solutions

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