Culligan offers reliable and safe hydration solutions for construction sites. Our cost-effective filtration systems provide clean drinking water, ensuring worker health and productivity.

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The best hydration for construction sites

Having access to fresh drinking water is essential on construction sites to maintain the health and productivity of workers. Culligan provides affordable hydration solutions ensuring a continuous clean water supply, meeting legal requirements and promoting overall well-being. With our cost-effective filtration systems, construction sites can keep their staff hydrated, focused, and energetic.

Reliable & safe water

Culligan’s hydration solutions provide an affordable and reliable source of fresh drinking water, ensuring that your projects are built efficiently and safely with a hydrated workforce.

Competitive prices

Our knowledgeable and friendly team is perfect for helping you provide water to your construction staff and is dedicated to providing you with the best value quote and customer experience possible.

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Installed by experts

Our certified installers have completed both WHA Installation Standards and WRAS courses. They have the knowledge and expertise to provide efficient installation and ongoing maintenance services tailored to you.

Recommended hydration solutions for your construction site

We offer a variety of bottled water coolers that are perfect for construction sites and are easy to install, reliable, and offer a convenient way to stay hydrated on the job. Browse our recommended options to find the perfect water cooler for your construction needs.

The Core Bottled Water Cooler
The Core Bottled Water Cooler
Budget-friendly option
Durable and robust
Modern, stylish design
The Quarrtz Bottled Water Cooler
The Quarrtz Bottled Water Cooler
Reliable, long-term machine
Great for busy environments
Easy to use appliance

Choose Culligan to hydrate your construction project

Our experts offer years of experience in providing sustainable water solutions for large UK construction projects. They prioritise hassle-free access to clean drinking water, ensuring workers' health and productivity, there is no one better to go to for a water cooler for your construction site.


Bottled water coolers are a cost-effective, convenient, and efficient solution for providing clean drinking water to your construction staff. They do not require complex installation or ongoing maintenance, making them a cost-saving alternative to traditional plumbing-based systems.

The compact design allows for easy placement on site and the availability of replacement water bottles ensures that workers have access to fresh drinking water at all times. These benefits promote hydration and overall health, making bottled water coolers a smart choice for construction sites.


Robust machines and safe water

Bottled water coolers are an excellent option for providing safe and clean drinking water on construction sites. These coolers are designed to withstand harsh working conditions and can dispense cold and refreshing water on demand. They also come equipped with a variety of safety features to ensure that the water remains clean and safe for consumption.

With Culligan, you can ensure that your workers have access to clean and safe drinking water, even in the toughest working conditions. Our robust machines and commitment to safety ensure that you can focus on getting the job done while we take care of the hydration needs of your team.

Bottled water in Culligan UK's Wimbledon branch

Flexible hydration for construction sites

Our bottled water coolers are highly flexible for construction sites. They come in various sizes and designs, allowing for easy placement in any area, even those with limited space.

These coolers can also be easily relocated as needed, offering a versatile hydration solution for changing construction site demands.

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Employee wellness

Bottled water coolers promote employee wellness on construction sites by providing a steady supply of clean drinking water. This helps prevent dehydration and boosts overall health, essential for physically demanding jobs.

Investing in these coolers demonstrates a commitment to worker well-being and leads to a healthier and more productive workforce.

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Don’t go to just anyone, come to the experts in operational excellence

Our team are highly qualified experts that can provide you with the best hydration options for you and your construction employees.

Accreditation for the Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS)

We are proud to have earned multi-site FORS Bronze recognition for our depots, as well as FORS Silver recognition for our Greenford site.

Additionally, in April 2021, our Derby site was awarded FORS Silver accreditation.

FORS Bronze and Silver Accreditations

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Lightfoot – efficient drivers

At Culligan, providing efficient and fast solutions is a top priority.

To ensure this, we conduct weekly driving evaluations for all drivers using the Lightfoot safe driving Dashboard. In addition, real-time engine analytics are used for in-cab coaching, resulting in maximum vehicle efficiency and safety for our drivers.

Certifications and Accreditations

Our UK team are proud to hold the following certifications and accreditations.


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