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Wall Mounted Water Bottle Filling Station

Combining style and functionality, this sleek wall-mounted bottle-filling station offers a cost-effective and efficient solution for providing bottle-refilling amenities in hospitality and commercial settings. It serves as a convenient stop for users to easily fill their bottles, featuring a hands-free interface that minimizes the risk of germ transmission.

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Small but powerful bottle filler

With its lightweight and compact design, the Water Bottle Filling Station is perfectly suited for smaller spaces. Its clever construction allows it to fit effortlessly between two wall studs, utilising the available width and depth effectively.

Despite its small size, this dispenser boasts an impressive high flow rate, enabling users to refill their bottles swiftly. Additionally, it features an LCD counter that prominently displays the number of plastic bottles saved through the usage of the dispenser, promoting environmental consciousness.

Easy to install, indoor unit

The revolutionary Wall Mounted Water Bottle Filling Station is designed to be easily installed in any indoor area where there is access to water and electricity.

Should you require assistance, our team of experts is readily available to provide support and guidance throughout the installation process, ensuring a seamless setup of this equipment.


Water options
Ambient only
Dimensions (W x D x H)
203 x 310 x 711 mm
Electronic Bottle Filler Sensor
Install location
Wall-mounted, indoors only
Power requirement
220-240 Volts, 50/60 Hertz
Aspen White or Midnight Black

Drinking water fountain service & maintenance

By selecting Culligan as your trusted supplier for hydration solutions, you can expect a comprehensive service package that encompasses every aspect of caring for your drinking fountain. From the initial installation to the ongoing maintenance, our dedicated team will be by your side, providing assistance at every step of the process for your new installation.


Getting your drinking fountain installed is a breeze. Our expert Culligan technicians will visit your location and conveniently set up the fountain for you, ensuring a quick and hassle-free experience throughout the entire process.


Maintaining the optimal condition of your fountain is crucial, and that’s why our Culligan professionals will customise a maintenance plan specifically for you. This ensures that your drinking fountain consistently delivers uninterrupted hydration to you and your staff.

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Call-outs & support

In the event of any problems with your fountain, simply reach out to our team of friendly customer service representatives. If the issue requires technical expertise, we will promptly send a technician to your location to resolve the problem efficiently and effectively.

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Key features at a glance

  • Ambient water only
  • Indoor install only
  • Ideal for smaller spaces such as corridors or small canteens
  • High flow rate for quick water refills; perfect for busy environments
  • ‘Bottle saver’ counter display to show how many bottles saved from landfill
  • Water dispenses via electronic sensor
  • Available in Aspen White or Midnight Black colour finishes

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