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Dynamic Separators

Dynamic separators are filters designed to remove suspended solids from the water (eg sand). Removal capacity is equal to 98% of all particles having a size greater than 80 microns and a specific weight greater than 1 kg/dm3. The dynamic separator is so named because it uses the centrifugal movement of water to separate the solids from the liquid. So the unit has no mechanical moving parts, which makes it almost eliminated the cost of operation and maintenance.

dsa dynamic separator - Culligan


Culligan DSA range of Dynamic Separators

With this highly versatile modular system, filters can be combined into multiple configurations (parallel, series, series-parallel etc) to suit any application.

Utilising a strainer filter at the inlet followed by a selection of elements ranging from 80 microns down to 1 micron levels of filtration.

Filter cartridges are available in food-grade polypropylene for suspended solids, Crystal phosphate cartridges for corrosion prevention and activated carbon cartridges for the absorption of organics and colour removal.