Side Stream filters

Recirculating heating or cooling water systems frequently suffer from a build-up of solids and sludge generated by corrosion, scale deposition and solids in the feed water as well as swarf and debris form initial construction. Left in situ these solids can severely impact the performance and energy efficiency of a closed system, block heat exchangers, provide sites for under deposit corrosion and a promote bacterial growth.

Culligan have a range of 6 Side Stream models with flow ranges from 2.5m³/hr to 66m³/hr designed to remove suspended solids down to a nominal 20µ. All models are 10bar rated and will tolerate temperatures up to 90°C.

The Culligan SSF units are self-contained, skid mounted systems which include a pump, dynamic separator, bag filter and control panel. The unit is simply connected into the cooling system and provided with a power supply. BMS connections are available to indicate bag full alarm and loss of power.