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No salt or maintenance required


ClearScale Plus

The Culligan ClearScale Plus range is innovative technology, using Neodymium magnet’s to create a strong, 6000 gauss, permanent magnetic field. The unique Catalytic alloy adds a secondary conditioning affect ensuring the unit provides the best protection from hard scale possible.
The permanent magnets and alloy require no power; any powered unit has the potential to create “Hot Spots” in low or no flow periods. The ClearScale range eliminates this risk as there is no heat generated by the unit and obviously no running cost.

The advantage of the energy free unit is not only no running cost, but also there is no need for a VFC for BMS. The unit is permanently conditioning and cannot fail; the magnets and alloy are guaranteed for 10 years.

Finally the ease of installation, BSP or flanged connections is available, lowest cost and as there is no need for a control panel there is no commissioning cost.


ClearScale Standard

To compliment the ClearScale plus and offer a point of use option, Culligan have also developed the ClearScale Standard.

No electrical connections or power requirements are required and there is no mechanical parts that are subject to breakdown. Once ClearScale Standard is installed users can expect many years of conditioning in their system.

This model use’s only the catalytic alloy to condition the water. It is ideal for the light commercial installations or as a top up on larger system when installed on the return.