Magnetic Field

• Unique Xylan coated magnets
• Multiple permanent magnets
• Giving multiple magnetic fields > 6000 Gauss

Catalytic Field

• Causes turbulent flow
• Elevates pH
• Drives completion of micro particles

Water Conditioners

Some applications benefit from water conditioning rather than water softening. Water conditioning is a very effective low cost solution for certain applications where changing the hardness of the water is not required. While water softeners remove the ions in the water to prevent scale water conditioners simply stop scale forming on your pipework. They work by creating magnetic and catalytic fields that stop the scale producing ions in the hard water from settling out and sticking to your pipework.

Water conditioners are easy to plumb into a system and are often fitted to the water pipe close to the point of entry into the property. Many require a power supply, but Culligan conditioners do not. They have the additional attraction of not needing any maintenance or salt, so there are zero running costs: Simply fit and forget. Culligan softeners also come with BSP or flanged connections for easy installation and a ten year guarantee.

Talk to our water conditioning specialists to find out whether a conditioner will work for your application.

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