Water Softener Systems UK | Commercial & Industrial

Protect your process and manufacturing equipment with one of the world’s leading water softener systems from Culligan. We manufacture our equipment to the highest standards and tailor them for your application. Our in-house manufacturing capability means we can control production to ensure the highest quality and deliver at the best prices for your business. The Culligan line of softeners is one the most complete in the industry and can prevent limescale formation and build up from flow rates as low as 1 cubic metre per hour up to high volumes of hundreds of cubic meters per hour.

Our softeners are the most technologically advanced on the market thanks to our research facilities. We are  driving innovation forward constantly to make them increasingly efficient, maximising savings for you through very low operating costs. All our softeners use a media to remove ions responsible for hardness in the water.

Once saturated, the media is regenerated automatically using brine water. All softeners require salt to achieve this. Our water softeners reduce operating costs through efficient salt use and sophisticated control to  regenerate the media intelligently when needed. This technology delivers 46% savings on operating costs compared to a basic clock-timed softener. Importantly, it is a feature on even our low flow water softeners treating 3 m³/h, not just our softeners that treat hundreds of cubic metres per hour.

Learn more about our softener range:

  • Medallist Series for Light Commercial applications
  • High Efficiency (HE) for reduced operating costs. The first industrial water softeners with WRAS approval.
  • CTM for catering, hospitality and light commercial applications
  • Ultra-line HA for small and medium industrial applications
  • Ultra-line HB for large industrial applications

Take a look at the features built into our water softeners

The Culligan line of softeners is one the most complete in the industry, satisfying demands for scale reduction for flow rates from 1 to hundreds of cubic meters per hour.

With innovative technology found in the models like the HE (High Efficiency) softener such as Progressive Flow, Culligan Smart Controller, Brine Reclaim and Aqua-Sensor® technologies, Culligan Softener systems are among the most efficient and technologically advanced on the market. Learn more about Culligan’s Water Softeners

Culligan High Efficiency Softener

Reduces operating costs up to 46% with patented technologies to optimize salt, water and electricity consumption

Smart Controller & High Efficiency valve

  • Multiple language full text display
  • Easy to connect to remote display, building management systems, PLC’s etc
  • Optional modem connection can alert Culligan if salt is needed or needs service
  • Upflow regeneration to increase efficiency

Brine reclaim

Optional brine reclaim system returns portion of reusable brine back to brine tank during regeneration, saving up to 25% of salt usage


Only regenerate when required – using the optional aquasensor internal probe regenerations can be initiated only when the resin is nearing exhaustion

FRP tanks

High impact FRP tanks are used up to 48” tanks or steel tanks with food grade epoxy coatings for up to 120” diameters

Resin media

High efficiency Cullex® resin is used in Culligan softener systems. The resin consists of highly porous, amber coloured, plastic beads which are covered with "exchange sites" that preferentially remove hardness ions and replace them with sodium, a "soft" ion. Once exhausted the resin is “regenerated” using a salt water brine solution and the softening process begins again.

Brine tanks

Long lasting brine tanks with corrosion proof components, including smart-brine probe to predict when you will need more salt.

Progressive Flow

Using the progressive flow feature of the Culligan Smart Controller, softeners can be installed in a chain, and will come on and offline as the flow requires, allowing peak water usages to be managed.