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Culligan supports Arup’s graduate training programme in Bologna

Arup Public Heath Engineers are gaining in depth knowledge on a range of water treatment technologies at Culligan’s European Training Centre in Bologna. The visit helps support Arup’s graduate training programme, developing their teams to provide leading consultancy and specialist expertise across every aspect of today’s built environment.

Is an Annual Service Contract worth it?

Nobody wants to pay over the odds for unnecessary items. So when you have just purchased your next essential piece of water treatment technology you want it to last and any problems to be fixed under warranty. The last thing you expect to need is a maintenance contract. Surely it makes sense to run the equipment under warranty and call the company if it breaks down.

Murder, mining and media: Understanding arsenic removal

Abby Brewster would be the first to testify to the toxicity of Arsenic. While this fictitious character laced elderberry wine to kill off old bachelors, its use as a poison stretches back through history. Responsible for the demise of many kings and emperors, even Nero used it to murder his stepbrother, Britannicus, to become Emperor of Rome.

Building customer confidence in commercial water softening with WRAS

While WRAS is not the only accreditation system, Culligan UK would like to see WRAS Approved Products become the industry standard. John Kyle, Culligan UK’s Managing Director, discusses Culligan’s experience attaining the first WRAS approved commercial and industrial water softener and the importance of meeting the standard.

Advanced water treatment reduces brewing water ratios

Water is a key resource in brewing. It forms a large part of the final product, typically 90%. Water is also used extensively in the production process, from creating steam in boilers to washing and cleaning. Reducing the quantity of water being used in production not only improves the bottom line. It reduces environmental impact keeping customers and shareholders happy.

Poor Water Treatment Costs a Bomb

Catastrophic boiler failure is polite industry speak that spells disaster, literally. Poorly maintained boilers are ticking time bombs. There are YouTube videos illustrating the damage that an exploding fire-tube boiler can exert.  In one industrial plant, a 10 metre hole appeared in the wall and the boiler itself travelled 30 metres leaving a wake of devastation in its path, finally coming to rest in the factory area. This happened unexpectedly. A functioning normal boiler room became a scene from a bomb site in less than 5 seconds. The cause: poorly maintained and operated boilers.

Where will your business get its water from in 2020?

As a business, large or small, water is an important utility. With rising prices, unpredictable droughts and increasing population, mains water is set to become an expensive commodity. From April 2017 businesses could shop around for their water supplier, over 36,000 already have. Businesses that consider their water supply and quality to be critical are turning to alternative sources. Streams, rivers, groundwater and the sea all offer tantalising cost-saving options and water security when accessed and treated correctly.