Case Study – The Rebellion Beer Co Ltd

The Rebellion Beer Company is an award winning brewery based in Marlow Bottom, Bucks.

Established in 1993 the Company has grown from strength to strength on the back of a number of award winning beers in particular their IPA which has twice won gold at the SIBA (Society of Independent Brewers) Nationals.

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Culligan (UK) Limited (CUK) first began working with RBC in 2008 when a carbon filter was installed to remove chlorine from the brewing liquor.

CUK continued to service the unit on an annual basis and when RBC needed a solution to the ‘consistency’ of their brewing liquor they approached CUK for advice.

RBC were looking for a more consistent ‘dissolved solids’ and alkalinity content in their water to aid in their process. Alkalinity in particular is a key parameter in the brewing process. This will allow RBC to standardise on operating and quality parameters in particular for a new, larger, range of lagers that are due to come into production in 2017.

Culligan’s Solution

Culligan’s suggestion was to use Reverse Osmosis (RO) to remove 98-99% of the total dissolved solids (TDS), and to blend back the raw water to achieve the required TDS level in the liquor.

As dissolved solids and alkalinity in water varies it was agreed to monitor the conductivity of the water after the blend but before the storage tank. (There is a direct link between the TDS and the conductivity in water)

The system is driven from signals received from hydrostatic level transmitters, which measure the height of the water level inside the storage tank. This signal is then converted inside a custom- made control panel into multiple set-points, including start/stop demand, display of alarm messages and protection of distribution pump operation. These signals and messages are visualized on an HMI (Human Machine Interface) touch-screen mounted on the front of the custom control panel and allow an operator to check the level of water inside the tank and control the operation of the treatment system. Furthermore, this HMI is also capable of displaying an alarm history, which simplifies trouble-shooting and maintenance for operators.

Monitoring of the TDS/conductivity is performed with a dedicated conductivity meter installed on the same control panel, which sends the reading to a set-point controller that drives a control valve on the raw water blending line.

Benefits to the Customer

  • As CUK are able to provide a full range of treatment equipment we were able to provide the most cost effective solution
  • Project engineer support to give user friendly HMI and custom process design
  • Local service team offering full range of spares

Jim Baker Technical Director CUK (left) and Mark Gloyens Brewing Director RBC (right)

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